What We Do

We can help you save time, save money and ensure your business financials stay on track.

We believe we can add the most value when our services are ongoing. We become an extended part of your team, taking the time understand what’s going on in your business and helping you see your financials in a new light.  We want you to have great financial information to help you make decisions.

Our services focus on 4 key areas of operational and commercial finance, and we tailor what we do to your business specifics. For example, you might have your bookkeeping already taken care of, you may even have an Accountant or a Finance Manager in your team.

So where to start?

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Situation Analysis

Of course, there are key financial principles that are common across most businesses, but it’d be wrong to assume your business is the same as the next.

Before we start working together we offer a Situation Analysis.

We explore your current business financial situation, understand the key challenges the business is facing and the opportunities to improve your financial management practices to support your specific business goals.

This is a half day workshop at no cost to you other than your time.

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The situation analysis may identify some areas to bring up to speed.

This aspect of what we do is what we like to call operational finance. Without these foundations in place it’s almost impossible to be on top of where you’re at, let alone being able to analyse your performance in more detail and plan your path forward. We work with you to make sure your processes are working smoothly, and your accounting practices are rock solid.

Process Efficiency

We work with you to find ways to be more efficient and cost effective with your processes across AR, AP, Payroll, Banking and more. We also look at how to improve your outcomes, for example, reducing your debtor days so you get paid quicker.

Financial Control

You must have a clear view of your key financials at your fingertips on a regular basis. Your accounting processes should be providing you accurate reports within just a few days. You should know how you’re tracking compared to any targets you’ve set and also be sure that your cash is managed in line with your expectations and plans.

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Insights for Decision Making

Having your foundations in order means having a better basis for further analysing and planning your business forward.  It doesn’t matter if you have big plans for growth or prefer a more steady-as-she-goes approach, you’ll be in a much better position to assess the options available.

Know Your Numbers

If you only measure your performance by your bottom-bottom line, or the amount of money you have in the bank, you might be missing opportunities. We help you understand what delivers your profit and what doesn’t – whether that’s products, customers, events, jobs or other activities. Insights that consider the segments of your business, as well as operational and financial drivers, help you make decisions.

Business Planning

Business planning is like a road map to get where you want to go. Whether that’s a short term forecast, an annual budget or a longer term plan, it’s good to have a sense of direction. Forward planning helps you decide things like when to bring new people into your team, when to invest in systems, processes or equipment, and how you manage your cash and return on investment. We can help create, implement and measure a financial plan of action.

The Situation Analysis

Following initial discussions, the Situation Analysis is how we both decide if we’d like to work together.

The workshop commences with an informational session about some of the key principles we apply when it comes to getting the most value out of your finance function and how this benefits your business. We’ll also discuss in broad terms some real life examples of how we work with other businesses.

We’ll then cover off the following:

  • Your existing finance processes and capabilities
  • The reporting and analysis you currently have in place
  • The practicality of working with an external CFO
  • Your thoughts and ideas for the future of your business

Within a couple of days of the workshop, we’ll provide you with a high-level 3-4-page Financial Fundamentals Analysis that outlines our thoughts on both short and long-term steps you should consider taking to ensure the ongoing financial health of your business.

The only provisos for this workshop are:

  • You bring your latest financials and management reports, no matter what state they’re in .
  • You’re prepared to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly as it relates to your finances and business performance.

If you’d like more information or would like to undertake a Situation Analysis workshop please complete the form below and we’ll be in contact shortly.