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CFO and advisory services that do good for your business

CFO and advisory services that do good for your business

We Are Lumen Latin Meaning

A great business will always outgrow something…

Some of these things aren’t clearly visible, but they’ll often cause pain and disruption

  • Your home grown systems and processes that likely include a web of spreadsheets
  • Reporting structures that don’t really tell you where you’re making your money
  • Management practices that are the same as when you started out
  • Administration processes that are manual and time consuming
  • The changing, and often greater, skills and experience your team needs
  • The complexity in your network of customers, suppliers and advisors

If these things aren’t addressed they can inhibit your growth

  • They might also cause frustration and stress to you, your team, your customers and more
  • Not all businesses need or want a full time Chief Financial Officer but most could benefit from the support of one
  • Someone with real experience working in the commercial world, someone who can provide insights for decision making, someone who change your world with much greater flexibility than the traditional model of employment
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We Are Lumen can help

We’ll step in at that point where the visibility into existing work practices
begins to fade and provide you with the light to see your business properly.

How We Work

  • We can work in your office
  • We agree to a fixed monthly fee
  • We tailor our services to your needs
  • We’re part of your team, but not on your payroll
  • We’re in your business as well as behind the scenes
  • We don’t use offshore resources


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